Common Biota found at Hydrothermal Vents (2003)

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This video montage highlights some of the organisms commonly found at hydrothermal vents. Organisms shown include: 1. Small white octopus (Vulcanoctopus hydrothermalis) on top of a deep-sea octopus, 2. deep-sea shrimp, 3. "Spaghetti" hemichordate worm (c.f. Saxipendium coronatum), 4. Shrimp (Rimicaris exoculata), 5. Tubeworms (Tevnia jerichonana), fish (Thermarces cerberus), and crab (Bythograea thermydron)
Species (common):
Year: 2003
Media Type: Video
Data Type: Photograph:Video
Device Type: Camera:Video
Investigator: Daniel Fornari
Chief Scientist: