Video of Cathedral Vent Complex (2000)

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Cathedral was discovered in 2000 during the RIDGE NSF-funded 'Perturbations' program. The Cathedral complex is located in the southern portion of the Main Endeavour Field on a small talus rampart on the western axial valley wall. It is believed that the white smokers result from mixing of hydrothermal fluids and seawater in the talus rampart, resulting in precipitation of metals in the subsurface. Temperatures of the white smokers in 2000 ranged from 178°C to 259°C as measured during Jason 2 dive J780. It is believed that this complex resulted from the intrusion event in 1999-2000. John Delaney (University of Washington) and Meg Tivey (WHOI) were Co-Chief Scientists on this program.
Species (common):
Year: 2000
Media Type: Video
Data Type:
Device Type: Camera:Video
Feature: JdF
Investigator: John Delaney
Expedition: AT03-53
Chief Scientist: John Delaney