Vigorous hydothermal flow at Sully (2005)

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This video of the black smoker chimney called Sully was taken in 2005 during the UW VISIONS’05 program on Jason 2 Dive J2-177. Sully is located in the Main Endeavour Field and in 2005 was venting 356°C. In 2000, temperatures measured 380°C and the smokers were completely uncolonized by tube worms. Since the 1999 intrusive event at Endeavour, vent fluid temperatures at Sully have continued to decrease, although it has not been visited since 2008. During 2005, this imagery was streamed live in high definition across the US, to Tokyo, Australia and to the Netherlands. The VISIONS’05 expedition was funded by NSF and by an award to the UW from the W.M. Keck Foundation. John Delaney and Debbie Kelley (University of Washington) were Co-Chief Scientists on this cruise. Copyright University of Washington.
Species (common):
Year: 2005
Media Type: Video
Data Type:
Device Type: Camera:Video
Feature: JdF:Endeavour:MEF:Sully
Investigator: Deborah Kelley
Expedition: TN183
Chief Scientist: John Delaney