Upflow zone on western wall of Endeavour Segment (2007)

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Exposed high temperature upflow zones have only rarely been found on mid-ocean ridge spreading centers. This video shows a very well exposed upflow zone on the western wall of the Endeavour Segment ~ 4 km south of the Mothra Hydrothermal Field. It is composed of a massive, ~ 200 m across and 100 m high continuous exposure of variably altered and mineralized pillow flows, interspersed with lenses of massive sulfide. It is an exceptional exposure with extinct ~ 8 m-tall chimneys at its base, and a thick deposit of highly-lithified metalliferous sediment and massive sulfide mounds capping the upflow zone. The green mineral is believed to be atacamite. This video was taken with the Canadian Remotely Operated Vehicle ROPOS during dive R1079 in 2007 as part of a UW-Neptune Canada funded student cruise. Debbie Kelley and William Wilcock (University of Washington) were Co-Chief Scientists.
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Year: 2007
Media Type: Video
Data Type:
Device Type: Camera:Video
Feature: JdF:Endeavour
Investigator: Deborah Kelley
Expedition: TN209
Chief Scientist: William Wilcock