Vigorous black smoker Sully at Endeavour (2000)

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This vigorously venting black smoker chimney, called Sully, is located in the Main Endeavour Field. This video, taken in 2000 during the Perturbations Cruise onboard the R/V Atlantis, shows Sully billowing 380 deg C fluids. The field was dramatically perturbed by a series of earthquakes in 1999-2000. Water depth is approximately 2190 m. As of 2007, this chimney was venting nearly clear fluids at temperatures well below 300 deg C.
Species (common):
Year: 2000
Media Type: Video
Data Type: Photograph:Video
Device Type: Camera:Video
Feature: JdF:Endeavour:MEF:Sully
Investigator: Deborah Kelley
Expedition: AT03-53
Chief Scientist: John Delaney