Animation of nested Ridge2000 datasets (2008)

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Animation showing Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) with nested sidescan sonar (Martinez et al., 2004), high-resolution bathymetry (courtesy C. Langmuir KM0417; Ferrini et al., 2008) and down-looking photomosaic (courtesy C. Fisher, MGLN07MV) from the Kilo Moana vent field in the Lau Basin. A single ROV Jason dive track and still images from one expedition to the Lau Basin are superimposed. Nested bathymetry from the East Pacific Rise (Fornari et al., 2004; White et al., 2006, Ferrini et al., 2007) are also shown.
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Year: 2008
Media Type: Video
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Investigator: Vicki Ferrini
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